A Superb read!  The author seems to talk with, not down to her readers.  This book is hard to put down, easy to put to use!  (Ellie Reimer, EdD)

I first used what I learned from Charming Children when my son had the jitters about starting a new high school.  He wanted to dialogue as usual, so I explained, “This is my time to talk, and your time to simply relax and listen.”  He later told me he didn’t hear every word, but really liked hearing my voice. I’ve recently noticed he seems more self-confident and centered and, interestingly, I feel better, too! (M.D. Carney, former US Marine and single dad)

Dr. Lucas has written a very valuable book that teaches a clear and easily understood method of communica­tion aimed toward creating a psychologically sound environment for children. (Dr. Alexander Docker, Dean of Academic Studies, American Pacific University)

Parents who want to really connect with their children will find this an invaluable tool. I had amazing results with my own children.  With so much negativity from other sources, this is a wonderful way to build self- confidence and self-esteem at home.  I wish my parents had used this book when I was young! (Annie Berger, RN, Newberg School District)

I believe children can benefit greatly from the concepts presented here; however, parents may be surprised at how much they benefit as well!  This makes early bonding worth its weight in gold, especially as parental challenges later on become greater than just a battle at bedtime. (T.C. Yates, Pediatrician)