Relaxation Game


The Relaxation Game

may be a solution to:

l separation anxiety

l low self- esteem

l poor concentration


l unresolved anger

l low grades   l nightmares l bedwetting  l many more childhood woes

It goes beyond bedtime stories to character building and personal bonding, by borrowing specific pointers from two professionals in interpersonal communication.

         For active kids and busy parents quality time is often at a premium.  Trips to the zoo, playing together with building blocks, board games, video games, and so forth can be worthwhile and fun.  As youll learn by reading this book, so can bedtime!  

        Tucking the little tykes in at night presents a unique opportunity for parents to influence their childs attitude and behavior in a way that assures lasting benefit -- while a good time is had by all. 

         These techniques evolved from the parenting skills as well as the formal training of James Rightmire, a mentalist, stage hypnotist, clinical hypnotherapist, and most importantly, a father of two; and Ginny Lucas, a Doctor of Clinical Hypnosis with a PhD in psychology.  She has three adult children, eight grandchildren, and five great grandchildren.

         The most important rule when learning as well as playing The Relaxation Game is enjoy!