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A Great Read, April 4, 2010

By  V. Schmoker (Fayetteville, NC)

This book was a super quick and easy read. But also very helpful. It takes only a few short hours to learn things that will help you with all of your children, toddlers or teens. It takes just a little bit of quality time to go from being a good parent to a great parent and this book sure helps your odds of getting to the next level of parenting. All it takes is a few POSITIVE words said in a positive way, a little relaxation, and this book to get through some difficult things that all parents deal with. Great job on this book.


A MUST for every good parent!, April 5, 2010

By J. Clark (Tracy, CA)

This book is amazing! As parents we are constantly looking for ways to become better at our job, and this book was one of the easiest ways I have ever come across! It is such a quick and easy read! I read the book in about an hour and started applying what I had learned that evening. In only days I saw results! I wish this book had been around when I was a child! I am giving a copy as a gift at every baby shower I attend in the future, as well as to everyone I know who has children or grandchildren as Christmas presents this year! So glad to have come across this book!


Charming Children is Good for Parents and Non-Parents Alike, June 23, 2010

By Z. Negron (Stockton, CA)

This is an easy to read and good reference book for anyone. If you're a parent or a parent-to-be; if you're a grandparent, uncle, aunt, brother or sister, there is a small lesson to be learned by all. Our lives are stressed enough and adults and children will benefit from incorporating the "relaxation game".


A bed without little ones, December 5, 2010

By Mara D.

This book is magical!!! For the first time in 11 years our bed is our own again. My son shared our bed until he was 7 1/2 when our daughter was born and we had a 18 month reprieve and then again our daughter moved into our bed. Our daughter has now been sleeping in her bed for 2 weeks on her own. Her behavior in 4k has significantly improved as well and is not displaying anymore disruptive behaviors in her class either. This book has been an answer to prayer and our children have been blessed as well by it. Thank you for the wonderful read and the useful tips in Charming our Children.


A must have, September 19, 2010

By A. Potter (Anacortes WA)

A must have if you are working with kids in any way. The book has a good pace that makes it a easy read. This book reminds me how a child sees the world. Helps me understand how to help my daughter and even my self stop and breath and to enjoy life.


Valuable read - Highly instructive, September 10, 2010

By A. Foster (Buckinghamshire, Great Briton)

A concise and illuminating insight into parent/children relationships presented so that you will not only know how to improve the inaction between you and your child/children but why it does! The commentary style of the writing enables you follow the progress of building a better, therefore stronger, base from which to increase the parenting bond and the confidence of both the child and parent. I cannot recommend this book too highly.

 Professional Reviews:


A very valuable book that teaches a clear and easily understood method of communication aimed toward creating a psychologically sound environment for our children.

(Dr. Alex Docker, Dean of Academic Studies, American Pacific University)


A Superb read! Hard to put down, easy to put to use!

(Ellie Reimer, EdD, retired teacher)


I first used what I learned from Charming Children when my son had the jitters about starting a new high school. He later told me he didnít hear every word, but really liked hearing my voice. He seems more self-confident and centered, and I feel better, too!

(M.D. Carney, US Marine and single dad)


This book is impressive in content, and a delight to read. Would that it were required reading for parents as well as others who care for and about children.

(Dr. Jonathan Pearce, retired Teacher, Counselor, and School Administrator)


With so much negativity from other sources, this is a great way to build self-confidence and self -esteem. I wish my parents had used this book when I was young!

(Annie Berger, RN school district nurse)