Chapter 3

(Pages 31 & 32)



          The primary reason that bedtime is the best time to put these techniques into play, is because we all automatically pass through an alpha brainwave pattern just before we fall asleep.  We pass through it again every time we wake up, but there is an added advantage to charming your child into improved attitude and behavior when (s)he has climbed into his or her own bed at night.

          While we sleep, the subconscious mind continues to process what was “assigned to it” during the alpha brainwave pattern -- that time when we are almost, but not quite, asleep;  almost, but not quite, awake.  Yes, the most powerful part of the mind, the subconscious, becomes like a silent partner, working the night shift for us, while we sleep!

          Note:  For this reason if for no other, never ever, ever, ever allow your child to fall asleep during a scary or otherwise disturbing movie, or hearing (over­hearing?) a nasty argument or fight. 

          The subconscious mind will continue to process the unpleasantness to which it was exposed just before sleep.  This can cause bad dreams, poor sleep, and a predisposition for a less than constructive attitude toward people and events upon awakening the next day.

          Now, ask yourself,


What does it mean to charm my child?

Some synonyms associated with the word are:




Make Magic

Within the context of this safe and enjoyable approach, you are going to entice (lure) your child into actually looking forward to going to bed at night, then captivate (hold his or her attention) with fascinating (highly interesting) monologue, in order to work your magic (mysterious powers) not as a mentalist or hypnotist, but as a loving parent. 

Here are the basics: