Charming Children
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How the Relaxation Game

helps good parents raise great kids.  

by Ginny Lucas, DCH, PhD

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This book may be a solution to:

l separation anxiety

l low self- esteem

l poor concentration

l unresolved anger

This book is designed to help good parents raise great kids,

by solving common childhood problems with a ten-minute solution.

Nail biting....      Bedwetting...

Acting Out...      Disobedience...

Low Self-esteem...      Poor eating habits...

Bad grades...      Negativity...

These and more can be helped without nagging, lecturing, begging or bribing your child.


You will learn:

                        Who is undermining your efforts -- perhaps without intending to

                       How ten minutes gives you control -- and lets you undo the damage

                       What to say and how to say it -- so a child listens, learns and loves it

                       Why this technique works like magic -- and makes everyone feel good


Prepare to be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to turn bedtime, quiet time, or any chunk of quality time into a bonding experience that can last a lifetime.